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Mammography Positioning: Data Collection and Control Chart in the Learning Network Hub


The purpose of this document is to outline the steps for data entry and functions within the Learning Network Hub, for the Mammography Positioning improvement collaborative.


Once your user account has been created, you’ll receive an email from “ACR Learning Network”. It will contain a link to access the Learning Network Hub and a temporary password. Copy the temporary password, then click the link; enter your email address and paste the temporary password to login. Use the same email address where you received the email from ACR Learning Network.   

Immediately, you’ll be asked to choose a new password – paste the temporary password and then create a new password (a minimum of 6 characters is required). You can always update this password once logged in by clicking the dropdown arrow underneath your name and choosing “change password”.

Navigating to Your Organizational Data

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the “Mammography Positioning” collaborative listed – click that link.

Then you’ll see your facility name listed – click the “view project” that is aligned with your organization’s name. 

The following tabs will be available:

Data Summary    P-Chart    P-Chart Elements     

Data Summary Tab

After clicking “view project” you’ll first see the information contained within the Data Summary tab. This is where you’ll enter your weekly data, by clicking “edit” for the given week. Each week runs from Sunday through Saturday.

After clicking “edit”, a window will pop up and you can enter the number of exams meeting criteria and the total number of exams for that week. Then click save. The information will then appear in the weekly counts.

You may notice the “add data” function in the lower left corner – this is only intended for use after graduation and the dates are locked in accordingly. Use the “edit” function as outlined above to add your project data during the ImPower program. 

P-Chart Tab

Click the P-Chart tab to see a visualization of the data you’ve entered. On this tab you will designate mean grouping dates and values, enter your SMART goal target, and add annotations to your control chart. Scroll down within the P-Chart tab to see these sections.

Mean Groupings

The baseline dates have been added for you; once you confirm a shift in your data (7 consecutive points above the baseline) then you can add a second mean and ultimately, a third mean. You do not need to enter any information into the second mean and third mean lines until the second half of the project.

SMART Goal Date and Value

The start date and end date for the Smart Goal have been prepopulated for you. Click “edit” to add a goal percentage.


You’ll add an annotation for each intervention that you implement, so that you can visualize the interventions on your control chart and identify any subsequent changes in your data. Click “add” and then select the date the intervention was implemented, and a short explanation of what was implemented.

P-Chart Elements Tab

This content drives the creation of the graph within the P-Chart tab. You do not enter any information within this tab.

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