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ImPower Videos

This article provides a listing of the videos that support the ACR Learning Network's ImPower program. The videos will support site personnel participating in the learning network's improvement collaboratives carrying out structured process improvement. 

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Program Overview

ACR Learning Network Program Overview

Length: 8:51

Learn about the ACR Learning Network to include the program rationale, support team, the inaugural improvement collaboratives, and how teams will advance diagnostic excellence.

Life of an Improvement Project Link

Life of an Improvement Project

Length: 6:58
Resource Slides

Learn about the timeline of your improvement project: the different phases of the project as well as the planning and steps for each phase.  Discover the potential challenges and difficulties of an improvement project an how to overcome them.
Intro to A3 Thinking Video Link

Intro to A3 Thinking

Length: 9:43
Resource Slides

Learn about the origin of A3 thinking and how this structured problem solving tool can be used to help you reach the goals of your improvement project. This video provides an overview of the different steps of the A3 process, roles of your team and specific team members, and the final outcomes the A3 structured problem solving can achieve.
Working in Teams Video Link

Working in Teams

Length: 9:34
Resource Slides

This video discusses different challenges of working in teams, solutions to those challenges, and goes over the different stages of working teams.  Learn about how to give your team the best probability of success.  Better understand the roles and responsibilities of the different team members and learn how to best choose the team members.
Communicating Progress and Results Video Link

Communicating Progress and Results

Length: 8:12
Resource Slides
Example Email Template

Learn more about the importance of communication in reaching your project goals.  This video discusses the different communication roles of team members and suggestions for how to best fulfill their responsibilities.  Understand how to effectively communicate with team members as well as with individuals outside the team.
Evaluating the current state video link

Evaluating the Current State

Length: 7:11
Resource Slides

This video discusses the importance of understanding the current state of the process from many perspectives.  It explains how to build consensus with other team members to better understand the process as a whole, how to work with those directly involved in the process and provides tips on how to observe the frontline workers.
Measurement for Improvement video link

Measurement for Improvement

Length: 10:45
Resource Slides

This video discusses why performance measurement is important.  It also explains different measurement types and what to measure.  It describes how to create a measure for your project and then how to create a run chart so you can follow how your data changes over time.  It also includes general tips for using measurement as a tool.
Project Goals video link

Project Goals

Length: 8:08
Resource Slides

Learn how to set a Global Aim for your project as well as SMART goals, goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.  Understand the importance of goal setting and working together to set goals.  Learn more about how to measure performance, and overall tips on how to create your goals.
Making the Most of Meetings video link

Making the Most of Meetings

Length: 9:48
Resource Slides

This video discusses different methods of communication and the situations they are best suited for.  It also explains how to balance between different types of meetings and how to prepare for and structure meetings.  It also gives overall tips on how to have more effective meetings and communication.
Understanding Root Causes Video

Understanding Root Causes

Length: 10:47
Resource Slides

Learn how to find the root causes of the problems you are striving to solve.  This video gives tips on how to observe your own process to understand it more fully, how to create hypotheses about the possible problems, how to investigate and validate your hypotheses, and how to prioritize the most impactful and important problems of the ones you've isolated.
Learning from the Best Video

Learning from the Best

Length: 9:24
Resource Slides

This video discusses how to best utilize published literature, peer institutions and other fields to learn more about the problem your team wants to solve.  It describes how to conduct literature review, the steps to have a successful site visit, and how to learn from all possible institutions--not just those in your field.  It also includes best practices on how to plan a site visit and when to visit other sites in the improvement process.
Key Drivers video

Key Drivers

Length: 9:21
Resource Slides

This video teaches you how to use key drivers to ensure that the solutions you create will work. It goes over how to come up with potential key drivers and innovations as well as providing helpful advice to distinguish between a key driver and an innovation. You will learn how to use the key driver and innovations diagram and symbols, and you will get tips for how to brainstorm and describe the key drivers to support your SMART goal.
Idea Generation Video

Idea Generation

Length: 10:06
Resource Slides

Learn about the importance of flaring and focusing in this video that discusses how to best brainstorm new ideas with your group. This video goes over the three steps of idea generation teaching you how to prepare for a brainstorm session, the seven basic steps of brainstorming, and how to then narrow your ideas down to the best ones.  It also provides other tips to make the idea generation process go smoothly.
Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and Testing

Length: 9:39
Resource Slides

This video teaches you how to use prototyping and testing to avoid putting solutions into place that won't have the desired effect on your process.  It goes over the three steps of prototyping: make the prototype, get feedback, change the prototype.  It also reviews the four parts of testing a prototype: make a plan to test, do what your plan says, study the data you record from your planned test, and act on that data.
Statistical Process Control video

Statistical Process Control

Length: 8:52
Resource Slides

This video helps you learn what a run chart and control chart are as well as how to utilize them. Run charts are made up of underlying performance as well as random variation.  With a control chart, you can it to recognize shifts and statistical outliers in your data.
Collaborative Problem Solving video

Collaborative Problem Solving

Length: 9:28
Resource Slides

This video goes over two different types of problem solving methods: advocacy and inquiry.  It explains how the inquiry approach helps work as a team, whereas advocacy can lead to an adversarial construct.  It gives tips for how to start problem solving with an inquiry approach and how to avoid an adversarial one.
Processes video


Length: 7:06
Resource Slides

This video helps explain the importance of processes and process controls.  It goes over subjective and quantitative process controls and provides example of how to create and implement them.  It also provides some general tips on how to improve processes and process controls for your system.
Systems Thinking Video

Systems Thinking

Length: 10:59
Resource Slides

This video teaches about systems and the importance of connected processes within systems. Learn strategies for bridging boundaries between different groups to create better connected processes. The video also goes over the two major goals of systems thinking: strengthening linkages between processes and helping people work well together. It also explains how to use a value stream map to improve connectedness and communication.
Managing Change Video

Managing Change

Length: 11:04
Resource Slides

This video discusses the psychology of change and how change affects individuals.  It goes over the 5 different types of adopters of change and strategies for how to best work with each type.  It explains what the influencer model of change is and discusses the problems with incentives and reward programs.  The video also discusses the most common source of motivation for most individuals at their jobs.
Reliability video


Length: 9:45
Resource Slides

Learn about reliability, how it is measured and how it can be improved. This video goes over the different levels of reliability and how to calculate the level of reliability for a multistep process. It emphasizes the importance of reliability in processes. It also teaches about the different levels of reliability solutions and gives examples of how to apply them.
Developing and Maintaining Skill video

Developing and Maintaining Skill

Length: 10:55
Resource Slides

Learn about the processes needed to develop and maintain skills. This video goes over the three components of skill development and gives examples of each one. It also provides examples of when not to use each component or when a component would be inappropriate. It goes over the attributes of a skilled coach. The video discusses improving skill as part of a project and the major pieces involved: defining good work and creating an improvement campaign. It goes over the individual steps involved in each piece and provides overall tips for the whole process.

Sustaining Improvements

Length: 10:07
Resource Slides

This video goes over the importance of creating a new normal with the improvements you’ve made. It explains how focusing on the project and operational design can help create this new normal. The video highlights the importance and roles of process owners in sustaining improvements. It outlines the end of project support steps and how to make adoption of change more smooth. The video also goes over the value of maintaining data collection and the different levels of data collection. It discusses the role of leader in this transition and how to apply the new changes in day to day management practices. It also defines what an andon is and how it is helpful in adjusting to new processes. Finally it goes over some general tips for creating a new normal and adjusting to the improvements you’ve made.
Presenting Improvement Projects video

Presenting Improvement Projects

Length: 16:25
Graduation Presentation Template

This video walks you through how to fill out and present the improvement template. It goes over the purpose of the template and common mistakes to avoid. Learn about how to interpret graphs, present and analyze data and narrate your improvement process. The video provides great examples for the different slides and helps you understand how to utilize each slide in the template so viewers understand your improvement process and success.


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