Lung Cancer Screening Improvement Collaborative
Mammography Positioning Improvement Collaborative
Prostate MR Image Quality Improvement Collaborative
Recommendations Follow-Up Improvement Collaborative

ImPower Learning Session Assignments

Homework is assigned prior to each ImPower learning session. Participants are expected to do all the assignments prior to attending the learning sessions.   

Pre-Program Training

Session 1    Session 2    Session 3    Session 4    Session 5

Session 6    Session 7    Session 8    Session 9     Session 10

Items listed in the Video, Article and Session Project Work columns should be completed prior to attending each associated Learning Session.
resource guides available
Article(s)Session Project Work
Pre Program TrainingProgram PreparationLearning Network Syllabus 

Learning Session Overview

QI Coach and Team Leader: Walk the Wall Overview
Session 1
Starting ImprovementTop 10 Problems of Quality Improvement Teams
  • Start project A3
  • Start collaborative measure data collection

Session 2
Structured Problem Solving
A3: Left Side
11 Steps to an Effective Gemba Walk

Optional resource article: What is Gemba?
  • Document your process map
  • Go observe the process
  • Expand on your process map
  • Enter baseline data into the Learning Network Hub


Session 3
Understanding and Identifying Root Causes

All Collaboratives

Tuning in: Improving Your Listening Skills



Leveraging the Mammography Setting



Prostate MRI and Image Quality



URMC: Process Improvement for Communication and Follow-up of Incidental Lung Nodules

Ascension: Process improvement for follow-up radiology report recommendations of lung nodules

East Alabama: Medical Center: Financial Impact of a Radiology Safety Net Program for Resolution of Clinically Necessary Follow-up Imaging Recommendations



Improving Performance of Breast Positioning

Session 4
Structured Problem Solving
A3: Right Side
Pixar Chief: Protect Your 'Ugly Babies' (Your Unsightly Ideas)
Session 5
Visualizing Data & Responding to Variation
  • Identify root causes

  • Identify key drivers

  • Check-in with Sponsor to discuss key drivers

Session 6
Designing Processes & Systems
  • Present your story at Walk the Wall
  • Sponsor check-in about root causes and key drivers
  • Start idea generation
  • Plan your interventions
  • Annotate control chart to show when intervention(s) occurred
Session 7
Creating High Reliability Processes & Solutions

No article this week!

  • Start testing interventions 
  • Annotate your control charts to show when interventions occurred
Session 8
Developing a Culture of Improvement

No article this week!

  • Assign reliability levels to interventions
  • Ensure interventions are occurring for multiple key drivers
  • Update your run chart to include annotations
Session 9
Closing Improvement Projects
  • Ensure interventions are occurring for multiple key drivers
  • Start drafting a sustain plan

7/16 - 7/17
Session 10

Closing a Project Guidelines


Complete Feedback Survey

    • Finalize testing your interventions
    • Document your sustain plan
    • Complete and practice your 7 minute graduation presentation

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