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Walk the Wall Overview


The purpose of Walk the Wall is to review the progress of each project.  During this meeting, we will identify barriers and create plans to support the projects.  Walk the Wall is also time to guide the teams to adhere to the standardized improvement process and keep projects on track to achieve sustainable improvement.


  • Required: QI Coach and/or Team Leader
  • Invited, but not required: Project Sponsor and Physician Leader

What to Expect

  • Session are held via Zoom
  • Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  The first 75 minutes are for project report out.  The last 30 minutes are reserved for collaborative discussions as needed.
  • Sessions are moderated by the Collaborative Physician Leader and QI experts
  • Teams will use the A3 to present their projects to moderators and collaborative cohort peers
  • Teams present one by one (5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for feedback)
  • Project progress is scored on a 5 point scale.  This scale helps us understand where the project is in relation to where we think it should be.
  • Agenda items for the week will be determined by where you are in your project

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Your Role as a Presenter

  • Deliver the information clearly and concisely 
  • Utilize visuals (quality improvement templates) to tell your story
  • Bring people up to speed on your project. Focus your presentation on the progress made since the last session, plans for the upcoming week, and any potential barriers you may encounter.

Your Role as an Audience Member

  • Do not solve the presenters problem or redirect the project
  • Ask the presenter questions that will help them, not you
  • Share experiences and insight as appropriate within the program methodology

Project Progress Scale

The project progress scale helps leadership understand where the project is in relation to where it should be in the program. Each session, your project will receive a project progress score from the moderators. By the end of the program, your project should score between 3.0 and 4.0.

5.0Sustained outstanding performance
4.5Sustained results achieving an ambitious goal 
4.0Measures meeting goal, with data meeting SPC criteria
3.5Data meeting SPC criteria for improvement, not yet at goal
3.0Initial test cycles begun with evidence of modest improvement
2.5Changes tested, but no measurable improvement
2.0Key drivers and possible interventions identified
1.5Current state assessed and root causes identified and prioritized
1.0Measure collection in place and SMART goal articulated
0.5Team formed, charter complete, project handoff to the team 
0.0Project identified but no project progress made

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