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Prostate MR Image Quality Improvement Collaborative Materials

Project Management Template

Project Title

Improving Prostate MR Image Quality at {Organization}

Global Aim

To improve clinically significant prostate cancer detection and localization 

Problem Statement

Prostate MR Image quality is inconsistent and unreliable possibly leading to missed diagnosis of cancer and an inability to use the image in subsequent procedures.

Collaborative Measure

Measure Specification Documents

PI-QUAL Reference Article

SMART goal

  • PIQUAL: Increase the percentage of prostate MRI exams that receive a PI-QUAL score of >4 from of (baseline) to (goal), by July 2024
  • DWI: Increase the percentage of prostate MRI exams with at least one DWI sequence(s) rated optimal from (baseline) to (goal), by July 2024 


Control Chart Template

Current State Analysis

Collaborative Specific Resources

Articles of Interest

  • Comparison of 5 Rectal Preparation Strategies for Prostate MRI and Impact on Image Quality
  • Effect of hyoscine butylbromide on prostate multiparametric MRI anatomical and functional image quality
  • Gas-induced susceptibility artefacts on diffusion-weighted MRI of the rectum at 1.5T – Effect of applying a micro-enema to improve image quality
  • How to improve image quality of DWI of the prostate--enema or catheter preparation?
  • Impact of 18-french rectal tube placement on image quality of multiparametric prostate MRI
  • Value of bowel preparation techniques for prostate MRI: a preliminary study
  • Does a cleansing enema improve image quality of 3T surface coil multiparametric prostate MRI
  • Do antispasmodics or rectal enemas improve image quality on multiparametric prostate MRI: An Evidence-Based Practice review of the literature
  • Hyoscine butylbromide significantly decreases motion artefacts and allows better delineation of anatomic structures in mp-MRI of the prostate
  • Impact of bowel preparation with Fleet's enema on prostate MRI quality
  • Influence of enema and dietary restrictions on prostate MR image quality: A multireader study
  • Rectal gas-induced susceptibility artefacts on prostate diffusion-weighted MRI with epi read-out at 3.0T_does a preparatory micro-enema improve image quality

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