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Learning Network Program Syllabus: Cohort 3

The ACR Learning Network goals are: teach a structured process for improvement; develop improvement driven measures; demonstrate local improvement; and foster collaboration. The ImPower program is a 10-session improvement course designed to facilitate the completion of team-based, front-line improvement projects in complex healthcare environments by providing just-in-time education to support the team and their project.

Course Objectives

While the main focus of the program is to produce sustainable, meaningful improvement results, participants will also apply the following themes related to process improvement:

  • Structured problem solving using A3 thinking
  • Understand data and variation
  • Create high reliability solutions and processes
  • Develop a culture of improvement
  • Close improvement projects and sustaining results
  • Collaborate with like-minded improvers

Program Format

NOTE: All program sessions are held via Zoom.  

Participants must register to receive calendar invites with Zoom link.

The ACR Learning Network includes three parts, each designed to support teams based on where they are at in their improvement journey.   Each part is described in more detail below.

Part 1: Pre-Program Preparation

Measure Discussion Meetings

During these meetings, as a collaborative the teams will discuss the collaborative measure(s), familiarize themselves with the control chart templates, and begin gathering baseline data.

Project Scoping and Handoff

Project supporters and leadership work together to define the elements in the Project Charter and identify participants to fill the applicable roles in the team roster.  Before the project starts, there is an official Project Handoff meeting where the Team Sponsor hands the project over to the project team.

Part 2: ImPower Program

Learning Sessions: The ImPower program is a quality improvement training provided via a reverse classroom model. Participants complete assignments prior to attending the learning sessions so they are prepared to apply the concepts in class.  Assignments include short online tutorial videos, articles, and project work. ImPower sessions are held on Wednesday from 1:30-3:30 Eastern, as detailed in the master calendar.

NOTE: Participants who attend 8 out of the 10 learning sessions and score a 3.0 or higher on the project progress scale will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the ImPower program.  The ImPower program is also approved for CE credits. Click here to opt-in to claim CE credits.

Walk the WallProject management and collaborative discussion sessions called Walk the Wall are held in between the learning sessions.  During the first 75-minutes, projects will report out their progress and receive feedback from experienced QI professionals and insight from other members of their collaborative cohort.  The last 30-minutes will be used for collaborative discussions, as needed.

QI Coaches TrainingThe QI coach will have an extended 5 session training program with the experienced QI professionals to ensure they are well versed in the tools, concepts, and methodology of the Learning Network program and therefore ready to support their project team.

QI ApplicationThe QI coach will have an opportunity for additional guidance the day after each learning session. An experienced QI professional will review the tools and concepts outlined in the learning session and discuss implementation tips and tricks.

Part 3: Learning Network

Learning Network Engagement: Participants who completed part 2, the ImPower program, join a community of like-minded improvers to continue sharing best practices and sustain / build upon results.

Star Status Recognition Program: Sites that demonstrate a sustained level of performance, engage with the learning network community, and continue to submit collaborative measure data will be eligible to receive national recognition.

Cohort 3 Program Preparation and ImPower Schedule

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